Honourable Woman of Praise of the year 2018 – MRS TOKUNBO OLAGBAIYE

Honourable Woman of Praise of the year 2018 – MRS TOKUNBO OLAGBAIYE

Mrs Tokunbo Olagbaiye is a citizen of the United Kingdom by birth, she is married with three children. She studied law in the UK and qualified as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. She has worked with various organisations including sensitive government departments in the UK before she embarked into private practice where she runs her own law firm. She currently has both practising certificate as a qualified Solicitor and Senior Immigration adviser.

Her wider experience in both Immigration enables her to concentrate on Immigration laws where she helps people on a daily basis, deliver seminars to churches, Mosques, Schools and Organisation and of course she is a Social media guru given free immigration advice on Facebook, You Tube, Instagram in the United Kingdom. Mrs Olagbaiye is a human rights lawyer, who has used her wealth of experience to put smiles onto many of the Nigerians in the UK. Mrs Olagbaiye, is a hardworking and compassionate individual, who has used her personal resources to deliver many Nigeria residents in the UK, from the ‘claw’ of UK Visa enforcement agency and unlawful detentions.

The experiences that she has acquired have become incentive to establish Brightway Consulting & Logistics, (BCAL), in Nigeria, with the hope of assisting and supporting British Consular’s office in advising Nigeria communities at the grassroots on arrangements and submission of authentic documents when applying for visas. She also delivers Seminars to Companies, students, families in procuring the necessary visas or status, as the case may be ,and to be aware of issues that may come up while in the UK or at the port of entry. From one office in London, Brightway Immigrations and Asylum Practitioners has grown and expanded to two other offices in Nigeria registered under Nigeria Corporate Affairs. She now has representatives working under her instructions in Lagos and Ibadan, registered under the name Brightway Consulting & Logistics, (BCAL), which offers immigration services mostly in regards to the United Kingdom.

Her Slogan

“Honesty And Transparency is a priority” This appropriately reflects her attitude and approach when providing services for individual, students, education providers and companies. As much as she need funds to keep her firm going, she has ensure that informing her clients and community of the truth in regards to each situation has been a priority. She is not in the business of capitalising on people situations.


Her mission is to educate and give awareness to the community. To promote activities that will encourage Nigerians towards the full exercise of the human spirit, the awakening of all its inventive, creative and moral capacities. To stand against all acts of Racial Contempt and Conflict, Exclusion, Discrimination and Intolerance. Her aim is to assist those who have become destitute, poor and homeless because of their immigration status in the UK. She also encourages and assists Nigerians who wish to return home to avoid continuing suffering in the UK as a result of lack of status and inability to secure employment. In addition, she encourages well settled Nigerians in the UK to work and contribute into the economy of British government and also to those that can revert to Nigerian in order to boost the economy. She is very much aware of many people who do not know or are ignorant of the applicable laws guiding them in the UK and this has led to their rights being trampled upon. Many women and men, have experienced domestic violence, in the name of receiving status in the UK, through their spouse. These women and men have been abused in ways that cannot be imagined. Mrs Olagbaiye, has taken it upon herself to educate women and liaise with the authority in order to rescue such people. It is in light of this and more that she embarks on a tour of Churches, Mosques, Associations and Charities to educate their members on their rights and privileges in the UK. In addition, she hosts a radio program, every Saturday at 2pm, on 101.1 FM, called, ‘GBIGBA IWE IGBELU’, (How to Regularise your status in the UK), which has now become very popular within the African community particularly Nigerians. Mrs Olagbaiye uses this medium to educate the community and encourages them to be each other brother’s keeper and encourage citizens who want to return for resettlement not to be discourage about the rumour or hearsay on return rather to focus on the advantages. She is popularly seen on Facebook , You Tube and Instagram providing Immigration updates. She has received various awards for her input on Immigration and Nationality laws in the diaspora.

  • I have always attended The WOPA each year since it started but last year's one stood out. The whole excitement was in knowing the person who nominated me on the very night of the awards, The WOPA night is filled with Love, Humor, appreciation, uprises adn most of all tears of joy. I highly recommend everyone to be a part of the WOPA night

    Priscilla Kofi
  • Receievd a WOPA las year and I was trully shocked. I was not expecting anyone to nominate me so i felt ectastic. Receiving an award made me feel special and appreciated. I thank God that he led someone to show me that in the midst of trials God still loves us. I am looking forward to my next award this year in Jesus name

    Patricia Mohammed